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I just saw this movie the other day directed and shot by the very talented Gareth Edward’s , I thought it was another Hollywood studio film but was shocked to know that it was an independent with a budget lower than $200,000. The movie isn’t that great, it gets boring in several parts but it is a great example for all the filmmakers out there who are trying to do their films with a small or no budget. And surprisingly this film was not shot on the 5D , F-900 or RED. This film was shot on Sony’s PMW-EX3 a small portable camera which has a 1/2″ sensor, it was combined with a Letus lens adapter which will allow you to use your photography lenses.

Other interesting facts about this film:

-Won Best Achievement In Production, as well as Best Technical Achievement Visual Effects for Gareth Edwards/Monsters for his special effects work done on the consumer version of Adobe.
-Edwards and the film’s two leads – Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able – filmed on location in several South American countries with only loose ideas about the story they wanted to tell. Edwards later manipulated that footage to make it feel cohesive. Guerrilla filmmaking at its best.
-Edwards shot 4.5 hours of film and spent months cutting that down to a 90 minute story.

  • this was a terrific film! Have you seen district 9?


    February 11, 2011

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