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Apple Announces Final Cut X

Apple has just announced at the NAB Final Cut Supermeet that it will release a new Final Cut Pro which is now called Final Cut X. It will have the biggest face lift ever for the famous editing software. Some of the major features include:

-Background rendering
-64bit processing
-Totally new interface
-New magnetic timeline
-will be sold at a price of $299

  • wow! I can see that apple is now trying to put their ears to the editors…look at the GUI its more of a modern, way better than their primitive almost white gray old interface….am sure they really considered those people who were complaining for the longest time….thanks Apple…


    April 19, 2011

  • whoa! I was really stunned when I first tried to use Final Cut X…( now I am hearing so much negative reactions from different parts of the professional post houses around the globe).
    why? this is the most unpleasing release of FCP….
    and the list of complaints go on and on…
    Now I chanced upon this old link about the designers and programers who did the upgrade of Final Cut X …
    perhaps we better call it X Final Cut…

    see the link:


    June 26, 2011

  • I am seeing many negative comments but I still think Apple is not that dumb. I think X is a transition from a standard full package version to a fully customized final cut version, so you would pay for what you need, in other words imagine Final Cut X as an iPhone/iPad which takes apps. So AJA or Blackmagic would do an add-on for video out preview and other companies would do an add-on for export to EDL or EDL import and so on. .. Some editors would work on a $299 final cut while others may end up working with a $5,000 final cut depending on what you want on it.


    June 27, 2011

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