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Archive for May, 2011


2 different packages for the SONY PMW-F3

This is your chance to benefit from the Sony PMW-F3. We have created 2 very interesting packages that will suit whatever occasion you have.

There  is the Standard Package which is very basic, of course the camera, a tripod and 3 different lenses.

The standard package is good for different shoots that are not too complicated. You will be able to benefit from this camera for its many advantages.

The second package is the Cine Style package which includes more accessories, this is for a more detailed shoot. This packages includes lenses, follow focus mmb-1, audio technica shotgun and other accessories that will help you get a better output.

These packages are tailored to suit your film making lifestyle.

Click on the above picture to go to the booking link.


World’s First Sony F3 S-log Test

New York City, NY (April 18, 2011) Next Level Pictures in association with Tstop Cinema teamed up with Abel Cine, Kessler Crane, Wide Open Camera, Angenieux, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, Tyler Mounts, and Miller to unveil the worlds first ever camera test using the Sony F3 with S-Log. S-Log isn’t scheduled for official release until late summer 2011 so we are proud to get our hands on the camera and put it through several latitude tests to include helicopter aerials by Vincent Laforet, vibrant Vegas city lights, and skin tone tests of two models in ten different locations throughout Las Vegas at NAB 2011. The crew of twelve had only ten hours with the camera to produce and film the entire project. The purpose of this test is to compare the latitude and image quality of the new S-Log firmware to native EX codec.

Next Level Pictures on Vimeo



VIP Cinema invitations :) @cinemagics

How would you like to invite your friends to a very unique experience?

Every week we will ask a question via @cinemagics on Twitter (you have to follow us on twitter) it will be related to the Cinema.

The first to answer the question correctly will win a VIP Cinema invitation for 12 people.

You can bring your own film, choose a film from our library or play playstation.

As mentioned before the VIP Cinema is built with state of the art audio and visual equipment, including lazy boy couches; this makes the experience a very delightful one.

So basically all you have to do is  follow us on twitter @cinemagics and be ready to answer the question.

We had many participants in the previous Q&A, this time i am sure there will be more!