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Archive for June, 2011



A very emotional TVC created especially for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Both TVCs have an amazing impact on your feelings. Watch both and let us know what you think.

These TVCs are a concept by the very creative Bustop and of course produced by Cinemagic. How can you disregard the emotional impact of the creativity; i believe i got goose bumps when i watched the nursery ad. Never to forget the purity and the quality of the picture. This would not have been possible if the production team lead by director Aziz Al Jasmi have not put their full input.

It is just lovely. Watch and enjoy…..

Click on the pictures above to watch the commercials.


VIP Cinema Summer Fiesta ONLY 60 KD

Why is the summer season so special?

There are many reasons for that but for now we will tell you one very good reason.

A reason to keep all of our fans happy, we have created a VIP Cinema summer time offer, for all you movie buffs out there.

Other than having the #cinequiz on twitter which gives you a chance to win a VIP Cinema invitation for 12 people we have dropped our prices.

We dropped it like its hot, NOW, this summer you can rent the VIP Cinema for ONLY 60KD.

This means it is only 5 KD per person. This is a great chance to gather up and do something different.

You can watch your favorite movie, play a game of Play Station or even watch TV.

How can you take advantage of this offer? you can click here to be transferred to the booking  link, or you can email us on, follow us on twitter @cinemagics or simply call us on 97222416 or 25720945.


This is a great way to gather friends after graduation or have a family gathering to watch something special. We are very excited. We hope to see you soon….



The Art of Can by Redbull

Redbull Can Video

Redbull is giving you a chance to be creative with their cans, the silver and blue cans, sugar and sugar free.

There are many ways you can show you are  talented using the cans creative  but what caught our attention is that you can actually have them animated digitally and still be able to enter the competition.

If your a beginner this is a great way to start, try to understand their concept and create something that is 3D animated. On the other hand if you are a professional and have been doing this for sometime now, show us how good you really are by participating in this pretty cool competition.

There are so many ideas, that can be executed it just depends on how creative you really are.

Check the video above and visit their website here.

If you are interested please contact Redbull and i am sure they would love to help you.

Lastly, you should never forget that you can always visit us here at Cinemagic and use our facilities to create you 3D animated project.