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Archive for August, 2011


Sesame Street with Zain

It is always great to go back in time. I am sure plenty of the younger generations may not know Sesame Street but the older ones should, they must’ve watched it on tele sometime.

Zain in a TVC brought back a piece from the past. Its good because its a classic.

If you have any original old school classics that you watched on TV let us know :)


Wataniya Telcom everyone has their mind set on something…. Happy Eid!

Exactly like what the title states; everybody in Eid is looking for that special thing.

This TVC is awesome because of its personalization! New money for 3idiyas, cake, new toys and so on……. touching the personalization element is just too sweet!

What is your favorite part of Eid?

Click on the pictures above to watch the TVC.


Shot in RED Zain Green Peace TVC

This is a review on an awesome TVC, the concept was created by M&C? Saatchi MENA Agency. What an idea?

They have created it in relation to the Green Peace Organization, basically it is for the environment. Way to go for thinking out of the box, the end line is just straight to the point.

Moving on to a more technical aspect, this advert was shot in RED; this gives a great depth to the picture as you can see when you watch the video. If you click on any of the above picture you will be transferred to the link.

Help those in need, all in need; Help the environment; simple, elegant and to the point.

I just hope people would actually help. There are versions to this TVC, English and Arabic, you can find them also here.