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A Kodak moment


It is very fair to say that Kodak has made history, we will take you on a short journey through time; a journey through a mini tribute for one of the most extraordinary comanies in the media industry today.

We will simply start with the history of the brand name itself. The picture above shows the logos that have been used since 1907! Don’t get me wrong the very first Kodak camera was made in 1888 and in 1889 the Eastman Company was established.

The brand went through a few changes until it reached the stage it is in today.

Everyone knows Kodak unless you were more this century you might not be sure; but everyone knew that if you the word Kodak came in a sentence they meant photography or anything related too pictures! and that is very true.

Kodak has provided still & motion pictures for over 100 years, they had their impact in the cinema industry, health industry and space exploration. They even had machines for documenting purposes.

Has Kodak been able to adapt to the change of technology the generations have been witnessing?

Stay tuned for our next post which will be describing how Kodak is trying to adapt the the changes and the obstacles that this revolutionizing firm had to face.



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