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Kodak Globalization

Well with reference to our previous post, today we will briefly talk about how Kodak has been adapting to the changes of technology and how it affected their market share.

Everything is turning digital and many of us now use digital camera or mobile phones to take snap shots, no need to process a film to get a hard copy, no, we can just go ahead and print it via any printer.

How did Kodak adapt?

Simply they had to transform their technology to adapt to todays trends; i.e. become digitally compatiable with the world!

Digital cameras, in the market today there is a fierce competition rate.

Printers; will they be able to specialize and produce powerful, affordable printers?

Digital frames, a smart and elegant way to show your pictures.

Do you think that this is enough for Kodak! They made history in the past and have been serving the human race for decades.

Will they lose all that and shut down a company that has a very small market at the moment? Will they begin to specialize in a certain product or service to gain a bigger market share?

We will have to wait for the next post to see how, Kodak lost so much but gained a huge momentum at the same time.

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