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“World’s Most Experienced Airline”

PAN AM was a major airline. It was established in the late 20′s and went out of business in the early 90′s.

In 2011 ABC announced the premiere of PAN AM on the 25th of September. There has been some rumors that ABC will cancel the series but that was put off when ABC actually denied it and state that they will complete the production of the series.

The simple synopsis of PAN AM is basically set in the glory years of commercial airlines in the 60′s this is when flying was stylish. It is a drama about the pilots and flight attendants who made the whole experience so glamorous.

This TV series has been shot using the Arri Alexa; and has been created by Jack Orman; staring a group of stars like Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, Michael Mosley, Karine Vanasse, Mike Vogel and Kelli Garner.

It is nice to see a series that is taking the positive facts about a company that has made a huge impact on the aviation world; approach a story about how life was like during a certain period of time.

If you are looking to know more about the show you can click on this link which will take you to their main website.

To read more about how the pilot episode was shot and how they needed to utilize a studio to make the the scene look the same using the green screens; you could read this article from which tells you interesting details; as well as showing some pictures. Using the Arri Alexa DP, John Lindley describes what was done in some detail and what were his approaches to make it look the way it is.

If you are a fan of PAN AM TV series let us know your thoughts, even if it is about the organization itself and the planes that have been used during their functional period.


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