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A movie in 360Deg

Sometime in the future (after the buzz of 3D), you walk into a movie theater surrounded by a huge 360deg screen. Imagine watching a movie & immersing yourself in the story, your eyes is the camera, you move it where the action is. Will film making still be the same? Directing? Cinematography? How? When? sometime soon… I think this will be the future.

Imagine having this camera on set! this means that you should have a clean 360Deg set with hidden lights and the crew have to hide behind props while the camera is rolling.(If you don’t have the budget for CG or post:P)

You can now shoot a 360Deg movie with an iPhone/DSLR or Red/Alexa(Coming soon!) & view/share your movies on the iPhone and watching it in 360Deg..

360deg camera for iphone

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