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Archive for March, 2012


MTV Idents

The importance of post production is shown.

MTV Park before post production

MTV Park after post production
MTV Stairs before post production
MTV Stairs after post production


Cost isn’t an obstacle anymore!!

Is the headline of the the IFTA the Independent Film and Television Alliance that will take place on the 2oth of April 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA.

There are a few elements that will be discussed in this conference and they are as follows; distribution of film, advertising films using digital marketing and social media. As well financing films at any budget.

Many big names in the film production field will be attending the conference.

Find out more details about IFTA and how to attend the conference by checking this link.


James Cameron to the deepest sea

Hollywood director James Cameron has returned to the surface after plunging nearly 11km (seven miles) down to the deepest place in the ocean, the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific.

His craft was kitted out with cameras so he could film the deep in 3D.

“It was absolutely the most remote, isolated place on the planet,” Mr Cameron told BBC News. “I really feel like in one day I’ve been to another planet and come back.”

To read more about this underwater adventure go to the BBC link here.