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SoloShot: You don’t need another person to take your videos

Have you ever wondered to go out alone and just be yourself? To do the things that you love and really enjoy the moment  and at the same time document your adventure so you can boost it to your friends or family or just to have a record of your exploits? But who’s gonna do the shooting when you’re alone? Your hands can only stretch so much and take a lot of “selfy shoots” but your photos or videos will always end up with a picture of you stretching your hand so much to unnatural levels that it shows the nerve in your neck to its almost burst-mode state. That’s isn’t fun at all. But worry not my friends, here is the solution to this dilemma. Introducing the Solo Shot (film yourself automatically). The Solo Shot device can be mounted to any tripod and will follow a transmitter fitted into an arm band, so that the camera will always points at you. The good thing with this product is – if you are clever enough, which I know you are, you can even self-shoot your own movie with this. Imagine – you’re the director, the actor, the clapper, the crew, the caterer, the carpenter, the make up artist, the stunt man etc etc. You can save a lot of money with this product. Now start planning your exploits, who needs a camera man when you have the Solo Shot :)

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