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3D Arri Alexa & RED Epic

A comparison between both cameras, Arri Alexa and the RED Epic.

Both of these cameras shoot 3D in similar manner.

Comments by Peter Jackson using the RED Epic in his movie The Hobbit and both Martin Scorsese & James Cameron using the Arri Alexa on HUGO.

Let us know your thoughts on the videos.


007 Skyfall

The new 007 Skyfall, is a movie that took  film production to another level. Other than it being shot with the Arri Alexa and the RED Epic; which means the the footage is unbelievable we must give credit to the Art Direction; take a look at the video below and give us your comments.


Canon c300

What an interesting camera! Canon is getting involved with cinema. What are your thoughts?

The Canon c300 is going to be in the market by January 2012. It will be in the market to comepete with the Red Epic & Arri Alexa. 35mm and 4K; interesting! This camera should be going for $20,000; affordable with plenty of quality to go along with it.

Watch this video to see the footage and let us know your thoughts!

[tentblogger-vimeo 32067654]