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007 Skyfall

The new 007 Skyfall, is a movie that took  film production to another level. Other than it being shot with the Arri Alexa and the RED Epic; which means the the footage is unbelievable we must give credit to the Art Direction; take a look at the video below and give us your comments.


Cinematographer uses digital instead of film

Roger Deakins

 After many films and and 9 Oscar nominations cinematographer Roger Deakins has decided to go digital.

Considered one of the pre-eminent directors of photography by his peers, he has remained committed to shooting on film through such movies as No Country for Old Men and True Grit, dismissing many of the images shot in recent years with digital cameras as “rubbish.

But with the rapid advancements in digital cinematography, Deakins is becoming a convert. He shot his most recent film, Andrew Niccol’s Now, using the new Arri Alexa digital camera. And as he prepares to shoot the next James Bond movie, which Sam Mendes will direct this year, he tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m probably going to use Alexa on my next shoot — it seems very likely.”

To read more about this topic to the Hollywood Reporter here.