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Posts tagged ‘short-animated films’


A 22-year-old short digital Sci Fi movie made it into Hollywood

The 22-year-old German digital film student, Kaleb Lechowski, certainly got the attention of the big shoots in Hollywood. When he made his own short digital film R’ha. We all know that creating a science fiction movie is expensive and among the hardest to make but not if you have the talent like Lechowski. The six minute short film story revolves around machines who¬†rebelled¬†against their rulers, an alien species, and force them out of their planet. The movie is a fully computer animated movie that you won’t believe was made by just one talented student. I wish I could produce a short like this.


Meet Wall-E’s colleauge, Burn-E

I just can’t get enough of these Pixar’s short clips. Does anyone of you out there have the complete collection of Pixar’s short animated films?